Below you will find testimonials of subscribers who've experienced First Hour Trading firsthand.

Tibor, Canda

"Hello Manny...

I just want to say a big, big thank you to you for being there for us... helping us to learn while making nice chunks of money too.

Today we have just ground out another good month... $42,710 after commissions. Not bad considering that the market has been pretty unpredictable.

Manuel you are incredible and I do hope you realize how important it has become for me to know you, to be able to rely on your support and unconditional integrity, honesty. It's incredible..."

Denny, Virginia

"Manny, I’ve been a subscriber to your First Hour Trading program for a month and a half now and I couldn’t be more pleased.

You are teaching me about discipline to the trading plan and the results are outstanding. Checking through my trading log, I’ve traded 28 days and have had 21 profitable days, that’s 75% success rate. Two days were quite bad due to not following the trading plan and hanging on past the hour and hoping a losing trade would get better. This and my learning curve with a new Trade Station trading platform and trying to keep more then one trade in play didn’t help.

I feel I’ve learned my lesson on the rules and I’m improving daily on the new T.S. matrix ordering screen. Despite the learning curve I’ve made 16% in the month and a half on my $25,000 account (that’s an annualized return of 128%) that’s a WOW in anybody’s book.

I also want to mention how great I think your trading room is in assisting, encouraging, and building a comradely of super people. Your comments have been right on and educational.  Jessica and all the traders are a lot of fun and very helpful.

My confidence in your program and my execution is growing daily. I plan to double my investment using a guide line of 100% on 8 and above ranked stocks and 50% on 7.5 & 7 ranked.

Your First Hour Trading program fits my style and temperament so well, that I can’t wait to get up in the morning and get trading. I want to thank you for providing this most valuable service."

Steve, Canada

"Hi. My name is Steve. I'm from Toronto, Canada. I've been using Manny for three days and I've almost already had made enough to pay for my first full year’s subscription. I am absolutely ecstatic with him.

He delivers easy strategy. He does it right along with you. You’re in the chat room with him while you're doing your trading. This is the first time I've actually had a site pony up the dough, do exactly what I do, so if I lose he loses. And I think that’s the best strategy.

Every other site I've tried, which is almost a dozen now, they tell you what to do but you never know if they're in at the same time as you, if they're doing something else, and like I said, for the first time Manny’s trading right alongside you. So his interests are to make his own money and just as long as you do the same type of trades that he's doing, the chances are you're going to do well too.

Thank you very much, Manny. I'm hopefully going to be with you for a long time and hopefully we're going to make a lot of money."
Ric, Texas

"I have been using the First Hour Trading Service for about a year and without question, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY if you follow the trading strategy outlined by Manny every morning.

I have been a stock trader for well over 15 years and I have made money but lost a lot of money because of my lack of discipline. Manny takes the emotion out of the stock by letting me know when to sell.

Is every stock a winner, of course not but you cut your losses to live another day. I would say that Manny probably hits on 75-80% of his trades and while some days may only produce $150-$200 a day other days zoom to $900- $1000 a day. On a bad day you might lose $200-$400 but not often.

I have, not once, been unable to at least offset the monthly fee and frequently make at least 30 times the fee on a monthly basis. I AM A BELIEVER!"

Manuel, Canada

"Manuel. My log in name is Manoway1951. I've been with this service, First Hour Trading, for three weeks now. The first week I was so nervous I made a lot of mistakes. Instead of buying I do selling and I lost like $1,200.

But now I have a lot of confidence. I've been doing more than $3,000 since. Actually this week has been one of the best ones. The first day we did nothing. Then the second day I earned $330. The second day $340. Third day $600 something and today I made $400.

So it has been a wonderful week and the service is great. People are just so gentle and the information is quite right.”

Jenna, California

"Today I bought at 16.91 (same as you) and got out at 17.31 for a 40 cent profit. I actually beat you on the first trade!  good ego boost!... [a 2.36% return]

...I must tell you I have learned a lot from you. What is great about your service is that when you do it, people see it can be done, that it is beatable in front of their eyes, so you provide a human benchmark for people to try and live up to. In other words, if you can do it then why can't I do it kind of thinking which keeps us striving to match you. Otherwise self-doubt creeps in and you start thinking nobody can do this. Thanks again."

Jim, Minnesota

"Hi. My name is Jim. I live in International Falls, Minnesota. I’ve been a subscriber to the First Hour Trading system for about three or four months now, and it’s been great. I’ve made a lot of money, and the best part about it, the reason I really like it is you’re not stuck at your computer all day. With some of the trades, you’re done in five or ten minutes, and some of them take as long as an hour, but after that you’ve got the rest of the day. You’re not sitting there dragging it out hour after hour watching stock and waiting for it to go up or crying when it’s dropping.

Within an hour, it’s done, and it’s profitable. The success rate is like 70%, so you’re making money having fun. There’s a lot of neat people in the chat room to communicate with so you’re not trading all by yourself and that sort of thing. So I’d recommend it to anybody. Give it a try. Manny’s got a great system here, and it really works."
Max, Wisconsin

"Hi, my name is Max and I’m living in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, although I’m from Australia. I’ve been trading with Manny since the beginning of November and I have found that it is a very successful way of doing it.

I’m reaching my target of just making $100 a day. I find it is an effective way of trading. I like what he’s doing.

I’ve been trading for myself for a couple, three years and I’ve never been confident enough to get in in the first 20 minutes of trading, but with Manny I can see how it works. I’m enjoying his picks and the trading overall.

I think the platform is very good, it’s very clear, and it’s easy to follow... Thanks, Manny."

Rich, Alaska

"Manuel, my first name is Rich. I log in as AKRKP in the chat room. I've been watching you since the 18th of January. We paper traded you all the way through June and into July, very, very satisfied with what we were seeing.

We finally got enough money in the account to start day trading. We didn’t have enough buffer so we had a loss that put us out of trading for about two weeks. Got enough money to make that back up and we are very, very happy this month. We’ve caught four of your trades and have a net profit of $479, excuse me five of your trades. In five trades a net profit of $479.

We missed one of your excellent picks the other morning because my computer crashed just as the market opened and we lost the chat room. So we couldn’t do what we needed to do and one other morning, on one of your best profit days, we missed the entry. Just as you did your drum roll we went to enter and it just went the opposite direction, or your direction, so quick that we couldn’t catch it and so we didn’t catch that one.

But we are very, very, very happy with what we’ve made so far this month. We will continue to be here each morning if the weather and the good Lord permits. And by the way, I'm in Willow, Alaska. That’s where I'm at. Willow, Alaska.

And as we continue here I will continue to call in and give you our success stories and we sure appreciate your service, look forward to it being a long and lasting relationship. Thanks, Manuel."
Robert, Texas

"First Hour Trading is great.

I really love the service. Get in at 9:30 and the longest day you ever have to spend you're out at 10:30.

The takes are usually fantastic, 60% to 70% win ratio I believe, cut our losses, short, quick, and let the winnings ride.

It's a great service.

Thank you."

Jimmy, Florida

"Hi. My name is Jimmy Quinones. I live in Miami and I met this system a couple of weeks ago. I've done pretty well. In the last week that just passed I made about $3,000 and something. I am new in trading so I'm very impressed.

“I'm very impressed as well with this service. The chatting service is very nice. You know, the people are very friendly and I'm having a very good time and I think $3,000 in a week for a new person like me is really, really good. Thank you for the chance. I hope you’re staying for a long time, Manny."